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School History

Established in Ottawa in 1988, CLOC is renowned for its extensive experience in teaching both official languages in Canada.

Created by the successful career teacher Lise Drolet, the Centre linguistique Ottawa-Carleton (CLOC) built its coveted reputation by teaching personnel working for many branches of the Canadian Federal Government.

Program Diversity

Our programs offer a great variety of courses for fulfilling the needs of language learners:

  • General language
  • Business language
  • Preparation for tests – the Public Service Commission (PSC) tests or tests required by other countries, for example international French
  • Learning the French language based on specific goals (e.g. understanding written documents or oral expressions).

 We also satisfy special requests such as coaching for public speeches.

We have developed courses for all levels of students and tailored for all ages, from true beginners to very advanced students. In order to accommodate your time schedule, we offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend sessions.

Our Teachers

All of our carefully selected teachers are fully qualified and highly motivated. They each have many years of experience and only teach their native language. For example, for a teacher to teach French, his or her native language must be French, as stated in the governing rules for language teaching in Canada. Furthermore, they are experienced teaching specialists in their own field that is French or English as a second language. All four skills must be addressed:

  • Written understanding
  • Written communication
  • Oral expression
  • Understanding.

The Student’s Needs

The teachers’ main focus is on the needs of the students.

CLOC encourages individualized teaching. The student is in charge of his or her progress. If the student is part of a small group, that group is very carefully selected taking into consideration the student’s’ level of knowledge of the learned language. A well-matched group enhances everyone’s participation. The flexibility of our programs allows teachers to rapidly adapt to the individual needs of the students.

The focus is kept on communication based on the diverse expertise of our students.

CLOC strives to reach the goals mutually agreed upon with the students during the initial student interview.

Lise Drolet

Lise Drolet, Director, Owner

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